Iakov Zats

Born in Moscow, Iakov Zats frequented the prestigious Òenfant prodigiesÓ school in his hometown. After having brilliantly graduated in viola at Tchaikovsky Conservatory with M¡ G. Odinez, he attended the Ph.D. with M¡ N. Zabavnikov. Despite his young age, he started performing in Russia

About Him

  • “He has one of the deepest music knowledge, a flawless taste, together with the absolute control of the instrument.” - V.Jurowski, Conductor
  • “His performances, technically and musically speaking, are top level. He has the talent to produce beautiful, divine sounds out of his viola” - A.Francis, Conductor and Artistic Director
  • “His viola playing is unique not only for intensity, expressiveness and beauty of the sound but also for the flawless logic of the phrasing” Argomenti e Fatti - Editoriale di Mosca
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