Giocahino Rossini Chamber Orchestra

The G. Rossini Chamber Orchestra was born with the Great Italian composer Giocchino Rossini and his musical style as its main point of reference, characterised by a passion for beauty and expressive perfection.
The ensemble was recently established by the director Iakov Zats who had the vision to create the orchestra, which is now comprised of 20 musicians from all over Italy.
Included in this group of talented young musicians, are principal players of European orchestras, winners of international competitions including violinist Roman Fedchuk (concert master of “the Moscow Soloists”), Federico Parravicini (concertmaster of “Solisti Veneti”), cellist Andrea Scacchi (principal cello of “Orchestra sinfonica di Milano) and double bassist Yuri Goloubev (principal double bassist of “The Moscow Soloists”), all of who have been flagged from a young age and having promising talent in Italian classical music.
Founded in 2013, the orchestra has played in the cities of Varese, Como, Milano and in the European city of Prague achieving outstanding success.
The orchestra aims to have elasticity in its makeup of string and woodwind players, in order to cover a vast repertoire ranging from Baroque to music from the first half of last century.
Included in the the various projects that this orchestra embarks on, are collaborations with some of the most world renowned important musical figures.

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